About the Texas Federation of College Republicans

About Us

The Texas Federation of College Republicans (TFCR) is made up of over 30 chapters across the state of Texas. We are the official collegiate arm of the Republican Party of Texas. Our job is to recruit, train, and mobilize the next generation of Republican leadership. We work together will fellow conservative organizations to bring the values of the Republican party to college campuses. Through activism and training, we are bringing new voters into the Republican party and educating them about our values. We connect students with national and in-state candidates so they can learn about those who represent them.

TXFCR Wants You!

Texas Federation of College Republicans is committed to actively pushing Republican ideas and causes on campus. We are looking for any individuals who are committed to the Republican Party cause to start chapters on their college campuses to help foster a Republican community and fight for conservative causes.

Active Chapters

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We, as students devoted to increasing student awareness of contemporary issues, to promote student involvement in the local, state, and national government, to teach the rights and privileges inherent in a representative democracy to the youth as voters, to espouse our belief in the principles of the Republican Party, to encourage leadership and responsibility among college students in the Republican Party, and to further the election of Republican candidates, do hereby establish this Constitution for the Texas Federation of College Republicans (TXFCR).